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Brochure Holders Freestanding

  • $2208
  • + GST

This Price is GST Exclusive

Our brochure holders are available from A4 to DLE size and are light and durable. The brochure holders are available in both portrait and landscape orientation. Some of our brochure holders are also available in single, double, triple and quadruple tier displays. These are sturdy and a tidy way to display your companies brochures. 

All brochure holders are fabricated from 3mm clear acrylic by hand, 100% New Zealand made, from quality products. Custom made brochure holders and product quotes are available, including printing to advertise your company or cause. Please contact us with the details of your project. 

Paper Sizing
A3 fits insert of 420x300
A4 fits insert of 210x300
A5 fits insert of 150x220
A6 fits insert of 105x148
A7 fits insert of 75x105
DLE fits insert of 100x210

Business Card Holders can be added to the front of your stand for an additional cost. 

Paper Sizes

A4 Brochure Holder Freestanding

BHA4F1TL Landscape Single Tier $19.20 + GST
BHA4F1TP Portrait Single Tier $19.20 + GST
BHA4F2TP Portrait 2 Tier $43.20 + GST
BHA4F3TP Portrait 3 Tier $52.20 + GST
BHA4F4TP Portrait 4 Tier $69.60 + GST

A5 Brochure Holder Freestanding

BHA5F1TL Landscape Single Tier $13.20 + GST
BHA5F1TP Portrait Single Tier $13.20 + GST
BHA5F2TP Portrait 2 Tier $19.20 + GST
BHA5F3TP Portrait 3 Tier $33.60 + GST

A6 Brochure Holder Freestanding

BHA6F1TL Landscape Single Tier $12.00 + GST
BHA6F1TP Portrait Single Tier $12.00 + GST

A7 Brochure Holder Freestanding

BHA7F1TP Portrait Single Tier $12.00 + GST

DLE Brochure Freestanding

BHDLE1TL Landscape Single Tier $9.00 + GST
BHDLE1TP Portrait Single Tier $9.00 + GST

Business Card Holder attached to front

BCHA $2.50 + GST


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