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Business Card Holder 4 Tier

Business Card Holder 4 Tier

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Imported injection molded 4 Tier Business Card Holder, this  is perfect for all businesses, it provides a great way to display your business cards and because of its tier design, you can easily display multiple people's cards at the same time. Its design makes it better for receptions or desks where the customer will be just above head height because the vertical angle that you can read the business card is quite steep. This is one of Cambrian Plastics' small amount of fabricated items which are not made on site, although this is the case, we trust this product completely as if it was our own.

Business Card Holders

The Business Card Holder Itself fits into a nice 100mm x 100mm x 100m box and has a slight lean at the back.

This product is injection moulded which is where a plastic is injected into a moulded when it is very hot then it is left to cool down, because of this there is no joins in the plastic which means that there are no joins in the Business Card holder which greatly reduces its chances of breaking because there is no stress on the glue.

At Cambrian Plastics Ltd we aim to have our 4 Teir Business Card Holder at hand ready for you. However, if we are required to fabricate your order, we aim to have this completed within seven to ten days. This may be extended due to the current workload.

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