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1/4 Curved Circle Riser Set 4

1/4 Curved Circle Riser Set 4

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These Maxim Displays 1/4 Circle Curved Riser Set of 4's are acrylic curved risers that are perfect for adding depth to your displays in an elegant fashion!


Dimensions are width x depth x height (mm).

Small - 75x75x25, 75x75x40, 75x75x55, 75x75x70

Medium - 100x100x25, 100x100x40, 100x100x55, 100x100x70

Large - 125x125x25, 125x125x40, 125x125x55, 125x125x70

Extra Large  - 120x120x25, 120x120x50, 120x120x75, 120x120x100


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