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Maxim Displays

Poster Holder

Poster Holder

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Our Maxim Displays poster holder offers you a simple but effective way to display your Point of Sale posters, Artwork or favourite pictures, these holders effectively border your picture in a way that beautifully shows off your picture in a smart and professional.

2 Pieces of Acrylic Sandwich your picture and are then attacked to the wall using Stand Offs, this allows for the picture to be many different distances from the wall, and to benefit you, you can choose which stand offs to use.

Prices are for regular paper sizes allowing for a clear border space in which the Stand Offs are located.

  • A4 size | Poster is 210×297 | with 40mm edge acrylic cut to size 377×290 (Back side is 3mm Thick) | Needs 4 standoffs
  • A3 size | Poster is 420×297 | with 50mm edge acrylic cut to size 520×397 (Back side is 3mm Thick) | Needs 4 standoffs
  • A2 size | Poster is 594×420 | with 60mm edge acrylic cut to size 714×540 (Back side is 4.5mm Thick) | Needs 4 standoffs
  • A1 size | Poster is 841×594 | with 70mm edge acrylic cut to size 981×734 (Back side is 4.5mm Thick) | Needs 6 standoffs

These Poster Holders need standoffs you can find them in our standoffs range, although you can provide your own if you want, the holes on the Poster Holders will be drilled regardless, please note that the A1 poster holder needs 6 standoffs while the rest only needs 4.

Maxim will also do custom sizes to fit your needs, please enquire now to ask about our custom poster holders. You can also check out our Certificate Holders for a different option. Cambrian also offers other similar poster holders if you aren’t looking for the Stand Offs option, but the stand offs are easy to use and are a smart alternative to our C and U shape certificate and poster holders.

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